Global Missions

We are undaunted in our task to make a measurable difference in the lives of those who not only are less fortunate than we are, but are everyday struggling to overcome the effects of abject poverty, the ravages of HIV and AIDS, and few opportunities for a formal education. Our congregation, through generous donations, support numerous missions efforts in Kenya, East Africa. Nearly five years ago, our church instituted ‘Project Kenya’ and during that time, three schools and five churches have been established. In the last two years alone, we have: Paid the annual salaries of 25 school staff personnel Purchased land for erecting facilities Provided over 700 school children with uniforms, socks, and shoes Provided school supplies for children attending the schools Instituted HIV\AIDS awareness and education programs Established immunization programs and health related educational programs Members of our global missions team make routine trips to Kenya so that we can remain cognizant of growth and needs of both new and long established missions. Through internet and mail, our Global Missions Team maintains frequent contact with a number of pastors at our churches in East Africa and shares this information with our congregation.



Special Message to Christ Temple Christian Life Center.... Through your prayers, fasting, and monetary giving, we have: Established seven churches and two schools in Kenya & Tanzania, Africa. Erected a 400 seat sanctuary that is named Christ Temple Christian Life Center, which is also the PCAF Headquarters in East Africa. Purchased: PA System with microphones for the sanctuary, Instruments, Medicine, Food, Books, and Teachers salaries Purchased land for our churches Purchased uniforms for our school children Purchased tables and chairs for the schools Purchased and built a spring water well on our school property We have provided water backpacks, which allow our children to take fresh water home after school Educated over 1,000 impoverished students in our two St. Shelia Joy Academies, which ranked 8th out of 350 schools in Karamu region. 

Thank you so much for your support!!