“Education Is Our Passport To The Future”

The C.A.N. program brings together at-risk youth in the Louisville community, ages 5 to 21, into relationships with a variety of adult role models from companies and organizations throughout Louisville Ky. The “charge” and focus of these professionals is to build in each student strong healthy relationships, to develop character and a sense of moral and civil responsibility, and to encourage high academic performance. 

Program Objectives:

Teaming with parents in the youth’s development

Encouraging youth to expand their career horizons by exposing them to individuals who have achieved managerial, supervisory and/or professional status in a variety of fields

Developing the individual talents, skills and leadership capabilities of each youth participant

Providing constructive recreational, artistic and social opportunities as a means of achieving a well-balanced life (Emphasizing Teamwork)

Building strong discipline in work, school, recreation, and relationships


C.A.N. Program Outline

The C.A.N. Youth Program is a year-round youth program that consists of five initiatives: Tutoring and Character Education, Spanish, Urban Politics, Recreation Education, and the Boy Scouts of America Program.



Tutoring and Character Education


Every Tuesday of the month students meet with their mentor for two hours. The first hour is used for tutoring, instructional help with homework, and learning good study habits and test taking techniques. The second hour the students gather for character education sessions. These sessions include refreshments and prizes.


Session Topics include:

Anger Management

Conflict Resolution

Sexual Health

Community Involvement

Building Strong, Healthy Relationships

Career Focus

Drug, Alcohol, and Smoking Prevention


To reinforce the concepts and strategies that have been taught throughout the year the students attend our once a year Youth Empowerment Camp. Four days and three nights of various seminars and workshops designed to reinforce the skills and education that have been taught throughout the year. 



Student Recreation Education


The field trip program is designed to give at-risk children ages 5 to 15 the opportunity to attend functions and establishments that they would not normally have the finances nor resources to attend.


Some of these field trips include:

Speed Art Museum

Louisville Science Museum

Louisville Center For The Arts


Louisville Zoo

Political Rallies

Cincinnati Zoo

Motivational lectures

Indianapolis Zoo

Newport Aquarium

U of L Football Games

U of L Basketball Games

Six Flags Amusement Park



Scouting /Mentoring Program

This program consists of Cub Scout boys ages 7-10 years old and Boy Scouts ages 11-16.

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