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Senior Pastor

Suffragan Bishop Michael E. Ford Jr., has served in various capacities within the Christ Temple Ministry for over 20 years.


During his service over these years, he has launched and established numerous ministries, spearheaded efforts in East Africa, and laid the foundation for financial empowerment among God's people.


Bishop Ford's love and care for God's people is evident, as he is passionate about souls being saved and lives changed. In 2021, he became the fourth pastor in Christ Temple's history; following the legacy of three great visionaries before him.


First Lady 

Pastor and First Lady.JPG


Suffragan Bishop Michael E. Ford Jr. has been married to First Lady Andrea Ford, his high school sweetheart, for 24 years. They have five wonderful children: Michael III, Sarah Elisabeth, Josiah Raphael, Judah Shane, and Matthew Zion. 

Suffragan Bishop Michael E. Ford Jr. and Lady Andrea are partners in ownership of three businesses, and together founded the internationally recognized Master Builders Academy, an organization committed to inspiring communities to achieve intellectual and economic renaissance through professional development and entrepreneurial instruction. 


Above all, Suffragan Bishop Ford and Lady Andrea love Jesus and are working to fulfill God's mandate to prepare the Bride of Christ for the imminent return of the Lord.

First Assistant Pastor

District Elder M. Jerome Williams, a prolific preacher, teacher, and psalmist, has faithfully and tirelessly served in the  capacity of Assistant Pastor for nearly four decades. District Elder Williams' understanding and teachings regarding the scriptures contained in the old testament, and how they are a foreshadowing of grace, are par excellent, and he is a treasure to the ministry of Christ Temple.


Second Assistant Pastor

Pastor Pamela Reed has served in various ministry capacities at Christ Temple for over thirty years. Her unique giftedness in presenting the gospel in illustrative sermons, and the passion with which she preaches, teaches, and ministers in song, have been a tremendous blessing to Christ Temple's ministry. She continues to serve with compassion, commitment and dedication.

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