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Our History


In December 1933, four sanctified believers along with Elder Claude Griffith as their leader began holding prayer meetings in one room of a small house in an urban area of Louisville Kentucky called “Eddy Alley.” This house belonged to Brother William Woods and his wife Sister Irene Woods. Services were held there until 1935 when they rented a small storefront at 15th and Madison Streets.

As the congregation grew, they later moved to a storefront in an old, dilapidated building at 20th and Madison Streets. The sanctuary was very small; approximately 25X40 feet. The name on the window of that church read, “Apostolic Holiness Faith.”

​Elder Griffith was inspired to build a church as the congregation grew, so a lot at 1942 Cedar Street was purchased. However, due to the intrusion of World War II, the acquisition of building materials was almost impossible to obtain.

Deacon James Rakes, a member of the church and an employee of Reynolds Aluminum Company, told his supervisor about the problem. Word spread to company officials, who set up a meeting with Elder Griffith. God put it into the hearts of the executive officials of Reynolds to make a donation for all of the materials necessary to construct the first “all aluminum” church in the USA.

​The estimated cost of the materials at the time was $40,000 – more than the total annual income of the entire congregation. Construction of a new church was begun and completed with God’s overarching providence.

The late Bishop David T. Schultz, diocesan of the Kentucky Episcopal dioceses branch of the Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) dedicated the church on December 19, 1948. The church was named, “Christ Temple.”

In August 1958, Elder Griffith was invited to attend the National Holy Convocation of the newly formed Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith (PCAF). Bishop Samuel N. Hancock was the founder and Presiding Prelate at that time. Christ Temple joined the P.C.A.F and Elder Griffith was promoted to the bishopric.

Throughout its 91-year history, Christ Temple has continued to experience exponential growth and ministry expansion. Christ Temple has been blessed with a rich legacy of leadership, from Bishop Claude Griffith (1933-1961), Bishop Robert L. Little (1962-1992), Bishop Michael E. Ford, Sr. (1992-2020), and our current senior pastor, Bishop Michael Ford, Jr.

Our History

 Statement of Faith




The Holy Bible to be the inspired WORD OF GOD



In the oneness of God that there are three manifestations of the one God: Father, Son, and Holy Ghost



The name by which God is known is Lord Jesus Christ. In the virgin birth, death, burial, and bodily resurrection of Jesus Christ



In the necessity of baptism in water in Jesus’ name according to Acts 2:38, and the in-filling of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues according to Acts 2:4


This constitutes the new birth spoken of by the Lord Jesus Christ in John 3:5



In living a holy, consecrated, and sanctified life



In the translation of the saints, commonly known as the Rapture (I Thessalonians 4:13-17)

Statement of faith

Our Leadership

Pastor Ford Jr._edited.jpg

Bishop Michael Ford, Jr. 

Bishop Michael E. Ford, Jr. has served in various capacities within the Christ Temple Ministry for over 20 years. During his service over these years, he has launched and established numerous ministries, spearheaded efforts in East Africa, and laid the foundation for financial empowerment among God's people. Bishop Ford's love and care for God's people is evident, as he is passionate about souls being saved and lives changed. In 2021, he became the fourth pastor in Christ Temple's history; following the legacy of three great visionaries before him.


First Lady Andrea Ford

Bishop Michael E. Ford, Jr. has been married to First Lady Andrea Ford, his high school sweetheart, for over 25 years. They have five wonderful children: Michael III, Sarah Elisabeth, Josiah Raphael, Judah Shane, and Matthew Zion. Bishop Michael E. Ford Jr. and Lady Andrea are partners in ownership of numerous businesses, and together founded the internationally recognized Master Builders Academy, an organization committed to inspiring communities to achieve intellectual and economic renaissance through professional development and entrepreneurial instruction.  Above all, Bishop Ford and Lady Andrea love Jesus and are working to fulfill God's mandate to prepare the Bride of Christ for the imminent return of the Lord.


Pastor Jerome Williams

Honorary Bishop-elect M. Jerome Williams, a prolific preacher, teacher, and psalmist, has faithfully and tirelessly served in the  capacity of Assistant Pastor for nearly four decades. District Elder Williams' understanding and teachings regarding the scriptures contained in the Old Testament, and how they are a foreshadowing of grace, are par excellent, and he is a treasure to the ministry of Christ Temple.


Pastor Pamela Reed

District Elder-elect Pamela Reed has served in various ministry capacities at Christ Temple for over thirty years. Her unique giftedness in presenting the gospel in illustrative sermons, and the passion with which she preaches, teaches, and ministers in song, have been a tremendous blessing to Christ Temple's ministry. She continues to serve with compassion, commitment, and dedication.

Our Leadership
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