Our History

     In December 1933, four sanctified believers along with Elder Claude Griffith as their leader began holding prayer meetings in one room of a small house in an urban area of Louisville Kentucky called “Eddy Alley.” This house belonged to Brother Williams Woods and his wife Sister Irene Woods. Services were held there until 1935 when they rented a small storefront at 15th and Madison Streets. As the congregation grew, they later moved to a storefront in an old dilapidated building at 20th and Madison Streets. The sanctuary was very small; approximately 25X40 feet. The name on the window of that church read, “Apostolic Holiness Faith.” Elder Griffith was inspired to build a church as the congregation grew, so a lot at 1942 Cedar Street was purchased. However, due to the intrusion of World War II, the acquisition of building materials was almost impossible to obtain. Deacon James Rakes, a member of the church and an employee of Reynolds Aluminum Company, told his supervisor about the problem. Word spread to company officials, who set up a meeting with Elder Griffith. God put in into the hearts of the executive officials of Reynolds to make a donation for all of the materials necessary to construct the first “all aluminum” church in the USA.


     The estimated cost of the materials at the time was $40,000 –

more than the total annual income of the entire congregation.

Construction of a new church was begun and completed with

God’s overarching providence. The late Bishop David T. Schultz,

diocesan of the Kentucky Episcopal dioceses branch of the

Pentecostal Assemblies of the World (PAW) dedicated the church

on December 19, 1948. The church was named, “Christ Temple.”

In August 1958, Elder Griffith was invited to attend the National

Holy Convocation of the newly formed Pentecostal Churches of

the Apostolic Faith (PCAF). Bishop Samuel N. Hancock was the

founder and Presiding Prelate at that time. Christ Temple joined

the P.C.A.F and Elder Griffith was promoted to the bishopric.  

In 1961, Bishop Griffith became seriously ill; he died March 12, 1962,

leaving the church without a pastor. On December 9, 1962,

Presiding Bishop Samuel N. Hancock installed District Elder

Robert L. Little of Connellsville, Pennsylvania as the new pastor.

Immediately the membership grew at such a rapid pace that additional space was needed for church services.


     With God’s blessings, in November 1963, a successful bond drive was initiated, providing the necessary funding for the purchase of a much larger and greater facility located at 3918 West Broadway Street. Christ Temple members marched into its new home in May 1964. After the move to 3918 West Broadway, the fast paced membership growth continued until once again, additional space was needed. Loretta properties, a former Catholic High School at 4422-4423 West Broadway and South 45th Street, became available for sale; and Christ Temple purchased those extensive properties. In May 1974, Bishop Robert L. Little and the membership of Christ Temple marched into their new church home. Weeks earlier, the former school gymnasium had been converted into a 1300 seat sanctuary; where church brethren did much of the renovations.


     On Sunday morning, May 10, 1992, Bishop Robert Little died after serving the pastorate for nearly 30 years. The Christ Temple Deacon and Trustee Boards by unanimous vote, promoted District Elder Michael E. Ford, Sr., to senior pastor. His appointment was made official on June 24, 1992 by the presiding prelate at the time, Bishop Dr. D. Rayford Bell. District Elder Ford told the congregation that he was a builder; so thirty days after his installation, very significant changes and renovations were begun in the sanctuary, offices, houses and cafeteria under his direction. Since the first renovation project, there have been many additional renovations to all properties. The large twenty-nine thousand square feet and thirty-two room mansion was converted into thirteen apartments for our senior citizens. The smaller mansion has been a haven for many; providing a beautiful apartment for visiting ministers. District Elder Ford was elevated to the bishopric in 1995. God has continued to bless this church through Bishop Ford’s ministry and guidance. He has endeavored to make Christ Temple a church where anyone regardless of age, color of skin, social status or former lifestyle can come and have a life altering experience. All who come are encouraged to experience the life transforming conversion and the baptism of the Holy Spirit that comes via faith in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Church Dedication Service at 1942 Cedar Street where 350 attended - under then Elder Claude Griffith.  

Church Dedication Service at 1942 Cedar Street where 350 attended - under then Elder Claude Griffith.  

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