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Pastor Michael E. Ford Jr. is a son born in 1974 to the family of Christ Temple Church. He committed his life to Jesus Christ at the age of 19 and was reared under the lordship of the Holy Ghost, and under the tutelage of his spiritual and natural father, Bishop, Dr. Michael E. Ford Sr.

Brother Michael immediately began to serve the house of God and the people of God with fervor, passion, and integrity, joining the choir and the youth ministry. Within five years he was serving as both the Choir President and the Youth Ministry Director.  In 2001, Brother Michael founded the nationally recognized youth education program called C.A.N. (Children Against Negativity). This program has served and educated more than 2000 youth and introduced the same to know the life changing power of Jesus Christ. Brother Michael, along with his wife Andrea developed programs, events, concerts, summer education series, retreats, traveling adventures, mission trips, and the always anticipated CAN Summer Camp (to grow and prepare our youth to serve Jesus and prosper in life). Pastor Ford raised over $300,000 through grants and donations to fund the CAN program. 

Brother Michael founded and directed numerous programs, projects, and ministries; including Christ Temple’s own local newspaper, the Grapevine; the church’s $1,000,000 demolition and renovation of the administration and exterior portions of Christ Temple Christian Life Center, and the establishment of the church’s revenue producing Temple Academy Learning Center.


In 2005, Bishop Michael E. Ford Sr., seeing the hand of God operating so powerfully in the ministry of Brother Michael, and his Christian character and faithfulness, was led by the Holy Spirit to add him to Christ Temple’s pastoral team.  In 2007, Bishop Ford Sr. tasked Assistant Pastor Michael E. Ford Jr. with the responsibility of directing the Christ Temple International ministries in Kenya and Tanzania East Africa.  Through his leadership and partnership with Bishop Wilson Madegwa, the ministry advanced from five churches to thirty-one churches.  Funds were raised, plans were drawn, and the following facilities were established: A six-hundred seat sanctuary & headquarters; three primary & secondary school campuses; three student dormitories, eight church campuses; and one pastoral parsonage.  Pastor Michael and Sister Andrea also served as philanthropist to the ministry; donating much of the funds needed to purchase the lands and materials for buildings.  

 In 2008 The Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith International (PCAFI), ordained Assistant Pastor Ford as an Elder, and in 2013 Pastor Ford was elevated to District Elder. He currently serves as the organization’s Convention Manager and Executive Director on the staff of Presiding Bishop Lambert W. Gates Sr. After the recent passing of Bishop Michael Ford Sr., and under the leading of the Holy Spirit, PCAFI Presiding Bishop Lambert W. Gates, Sr. designated District Elder Ford to the office of Suffragan Bishop.  

Suffragan Bishop Ford received his formal education from Sullivan University, where he achieved a 4.0 GPA, and graduated Suma Cum Laude. He was also a President’s Cup recipient, which is Sullivan University’s highest honor.  Suffragan Bishop Ford was a professional firefighter for 23 years, and earned multiple promotions, ascending to the high rank of Lieutenant Colonel and the position of Assistant Chief of the Louisville Fire department.  There, he directed the administration of 500 employees and a $54 million budget.


He is an international speaker, exceling in the subjects of organizational leadership, people and community building, and youth empowerment. He is a published author, with his acclaimed book, “24 What Can Happen In A Day.”


Suffragan Bishop Michael E. Ford Jr. and Lady Andrea are partners in ownership of three businesses.  They also founded and direct the internationally recognized Master Builders Academy, an organization committed to inspiring communities to achieve intellectual and economic renaissance through professional development and entrepreneurial instruction.


He and Lady Andrea are high school sweethearts and have been married for 24 years.  They have five excellent children: Michael III, Sarah Elisabeth, Josiah Raphael, Judah Shane, and Matthew Zion. Above all, Suffragan Bishop Ford loves Jesus and is working to fulfill God's mandate on his life to prepare the Bride of Christ for the imminent return of the Lord.

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