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On Sunday morning, January 9, 1977, during the worship service at an Apostolic church in Roosevelt Long Island, New York, the Holy Spirit beckoned for Merlin Jerome Williams. As he sat on the pew, he felt compelled to approach the altar and surrender to the will of God. He was baptized in Jesus’ name, and received the precious gift of the Holy Ghost twenty-one days later on Sunday, January 30, 1977.


He began his Christian experience by serving under the pastorate of Bishop Ronald H. Carter, and the late Bishop Joseph N. Williams.  God began preparing Elder Williams for his ministry assignment in Louisville, Kentucky. Shortly after acknowledging his call to the ministry, Elder Williams was summoned to Corona Queens, New York to assist Bishop Robert Thomas. After returning to Queens, New York a year later, Elder Williams began assisting the ministry at Shiloh Apostolic Church, a ministry that was founded by his parents, the late Bishop John C. Williams, and Dr. Kathryn J. Williams, and was at that time under the leadership of Pastor Howard Wheeler.


In 1980, Elder Williams began seeking God for a wife to share his life with, and to begin a family before his 41st birthday.  He met and married Natashaa R. Brooks Jones, and moved to Louisville, Kentucky. 

Under the pastorate of the late Bishop Robert L. Little at Christ Temple Apostolic Church, Elder Williams’ ministry began to flourish. He served with distinction under Bishop Little's pastorate until his demise in May of 1992.  After the passing of Bishop Little, District Elder Michael E. Ford, Sr., at that time, was unanimously elected as pastor of Christ Temple. He asked Elder Williams to continue to serve as assistant pastor of Christ Temple. Again, with faithfulness, and renewed energy, Elder Williams served with diligence. He supported many facets of the ministry with his time, talent, and finances. After all, God had begun preparing him to assist in ministry many years before he transferred from New York to Kentucky.

Bishop Dr. Michael E. Ford, Sr., recognized Elder Williams gifts and recommended him to be elevated to the district eldership in the Pentecostal Churches of the Apostolic Faith, International. District Elder Williams is a Bible scholar with a unique way of teaching and preaching the Word of the Lord. His sage wisdom is undeniable, and his concern for the people of God is genuine. District Elder Williams is a supporter of pastors in the Kentucky Diocese (PCAFI) and has shared his ministry gifts with the local assemblies throughout the Kentuckiana community.


After having served as assistant pastor under the pastorate of the late Bishop Dr. Michael E. Ford, Sr., for nearly twenty- nine years, he continues to serve under Suffragan Bishop Michael E. Ford, Jr., as assistant pastor of CTCLC. He is dedicated, supportive, and continues his faithfulness to this ministry.


District Elder Merlin J. Williams and Lady Natashaa R. Williams, together share in the lives of three daughters, Angela Jones, Kathryn P. Williams, Kristyn C. Williams, and five grandchildren; twin grandsons, Devon and Dionne, La’rie, Isaiah, and Jakob.

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